Getting the right diagnosis is the first step towards better hearing. In order to decide which solution and product are most suitable, it is important to begin by accurately assessing your hearing status with one or several hearing tests. Upon visiting the hearingTec offices or Junior Audiology Care Office (JACO), not only will you receive comprehensive hearing tests, but also the expertise and care of our highly qualified team of audiologists and technicians. Our staff will stand by you every step of the way through the entire diagnosis process and hearing aid fitting.



Printing in house

By using the revolutionary 3D printing technology in Jordan, we are able to easily and quickly create better-fitting, invisible and wireless hearing aids at a lower cost.

" It has enhanced my life in every single way" Zeina 

" I am one of the top students in my class, I can listen to the teacher clearly! " Mousa 

" I was terrified of not being able to hear my own children, this is no longer an issue" Dana



  • Dana Keswani

    I had a cochlear implant in September 2015, now i can hear sounds i'd forgotten. Now it is part of my everyday life that I even i forget I'm wearing it. Having my cochlear impant is more than a gift. 

    I can now lead a normal life again like a normally fully hearing person with perfectly normal hearing.

  • Testimonials

    " After the implementation , my life have changed 180 degree! I started to discover more unusual sounds that I have not heard before and it gave me more confidence in my social life and more independence"


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