Audiology Equipment

Obtaining a reliable hearing loss diagnosis relies greatly on the type and quality of audiology equipment used at your testing clinic. Here, at hearingTec, we supply an all-inclusive range of the best audiology equipment by Interacoustics, the leading manufacturer of audiometers, tympanometers, middle ear analyzers, ABR/ERA/OAE equipment, balance investigation and hearing equipment. 
Designed to simplify the testing and interpretation procedures, Interacoustics’ product range boasts better interfaces, well-designed screen layouts, printed reports and interaction over networks with databases and electronic records systems. To ensure you give your patients the best hearing diagnosis, we not only offer you the world-leading diagnostic solutions in the fields of hearing and balance assessment, but also professional support.
We look forward to serving your needs, providing you with more extensive information and offering you a demonstration of our latest products and solutions.