Company Profile

Previously known as Jordan Hearing Aids, hearingTec’s legacy started almost 25 years ago, when Eng. Ra’ed Billeh founded a Jordanian hearing aid manufacturing company aimed at helping affected individuals lead a normal, better quality life unhindered by their hearing loss, and to contribute to bridging the gaps that hearing impairment can create among family and friends. Years later, this passion guided us towards becoming a leading retail and wholesale company specialized in the provision of advanced hearing technologies and innovative solutions for children and adults in Jordan, Palestine, Iraq and Syria. 
We are constantly on the lookout for smaller, easier and better solutions to hearing loss, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality. As such, we have leveraged our long-standing experience of over two decades to partner with global hearing aid manufacturers Oticon, MED-EL, Interacoustics, Heinz KURZ and Heinemann Medizintechnik for the supply of top-notch products, such as the middle-ear implants and prostheses, cochlear implants, audiology equipment, among others. In addition, we are proudly the sole provider of the revolutionary 3D printing technology for invisible, wireless and custom-made hearing aids in the Kingdom.
At hearingTec, we take pediatric care to another level, as we feel it is our responsibility to do all that is in our power to help children lead active, happy and fulfilling lives, unhampered by the obstacles that hearing impairment can cause. To ensure that every client’s unique condition is matched with a customized hearing solution, we provide clients, doctors, and wholesale distributors a multi-product offering that is on par with international standards. Furthermore, our myriad of superior services and hearing tests is complemented by the unwavering support of a passionate and driven team that stands committed to hearingTec’s mission. 
Stemming from our firm belief in the importance of being a model corporate citizen, we continuously strive to expose industry experts to the latest scientific advancements, technology innovations and surgical solutions in the audiology field.
With the help of our trusted base of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists, a comprehensive range of products and premium services, both adult and child will be guaranteed an improved quality of life.