Jordan Hearing Aids Announces First Successful BONEBRIDGE Surgery in Jordan

Amman, 23 December 2013 

Jordan Hearing Aids (JHA) – agent of Austrian company MED-EL – has announced the first successful BONEBRIDGE surgery in Jordan. Devised by the international company, MED-EL, the BONEBRIDGE implant allows sound to be transmitted via bone conduction directly to the inner ear. The operation was conducted at Prince Hamza Hospital and headed by Dr. Abed Rabbo Aqbilat, Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Consultant, with the participation of distinguished medical staff from the Ministry of Health.


The BONEBRIDGE was designed to help those who suffer from conductive hearing loss as a result of disturbances in the middle ear or malformations of the outer ear. The implant system, which is discretely and comfortably placed below the scalp, comprises an audio processor and bone conduction implant that are magnetically kept in place.


Eng. Ra’ed Billeh, General Manager of JHA, praised this achievement, stating, “From the beginning, we have been keen to provide the latest innovative technologies and solutions to hearing and speech problems in order to help those suffering from such problems lead a better quality life.”


He added, “The BONEBRIDGE is a new revolution in the world of audiology, particularly with regard to bone conduction. This solution has not resulted in any complications, and it is also possible to upgrade its audio processor, even many years after the surgery.”