Junior Audiology Care Office (JACO)

In early childhood, our sense of hearing is of particular importance, as it allows us to learn speech and develop social skills. Therefore, experiencing hearing loss at a young age can have long-term, damaging impacts on child development. For that reason, we established Junior Audiology Care Office (JACO), a pediatric-specific center, ensuring infants and children up to the age of 10 receive the early hearing evaluation and detection they deserve. Receiving the right diagnosis during this critical stage plays a crucial role in children leading a healthy, active and happy life. 

As a parent, if you suspect that your child has hearing loss, visit us at JACO for a thorough hearing examination by our specialized audiologists. Hearing tests are carried out at reasonable prices and, in some cases, for free using advanced equipment that identify the cause of the loss if present. If hearing loss is confirmed, you will be referred to hearingTec for the best hearing aid products and solutions.