Middle Ear Prostheses

For patients with middle ear diseases such as Otosclerosis - an abnormal hardening of the bone in the ear, which prevents the stirrup bone from vibrating properly and transmitting sound to the inner ear - the best solution to restoring their hearing is to replace the diseased part of the middle ear bone with a prosthesis. Your decision to choose the correct solution is the first step towards helping your patients live a less complicated and more rewarding life. At hearingTec, we offer you products by one of the world's leading manufacturers of titanium and nitinol middle ear prostheses, KURZ, for the treatment of middle ear diseases. 
KURZ provides a state-of-the-art range of prostheses and implants in fixed and adjustable lengths and in a variety of unique models, making it one of the most comprehensive middle ear prostheses systems worldwide. 
We look forward to serving your needs, providing you with more extensive information and offering you a demonstration of our latest products and solutions.