Printing in house

Since 2011, we have been the sole provider of the innovative 3D printing technology for custom-made, invisible and wireless hearing aids in Jordan, under the name microear. Since every person has a unique inner ear shape, revolutionary 3D printing allows specialists to design and create bespoke, micro hearing aids that perfectly fit into one’s ear canal, matching their skin tone. In addition, 3D printing has dramatically simplified the process of producing a custom hearing aid, making it possible to be completed within a day and at lower costs. 
The digitized 3D printing process has shortened the hearing aid manufacturing process to three main steps: Scanning the ear to create an impression; modeling the hearing aid shell through specific software; and printing the hearing aid device layer-by-layer, fitting them with the necessary electronics.
Once a patient gets their ear shape scanned and modelled, all 3D scans and associated data are saved in our database. This is particularly convenient whenever a patient needs a reproduction of their hearing aid or a copy of their ear impression scans.