Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are one of the simpler methods of countering hearing loss since they amplify sound, allowing a person to interact and communicate well with their family, friends and colleagues.

“It is important to consider devices such as hearing aids, which amplify sound and, in turn, allow a person to enjoy a better quality of life with their family, friends and colleagues.”

Hearing Instruments’ ConnectLine System

The ConnectLine is a series of devices designed to connect the hearing instruments’ user to a variety of communication and entertainment applications such as telephones, TVs, computers, tablets, music players, and to enhance one-on-one communication.

Ear Implants

In the more extreme case of profound hearing loss, ear implants are highly recommended if the patient fits the implantation criteria. Through cochlear, middle ear or bone conduction implants, recipients can expect higher quality and clarity of sound, better understanding of speech and the ability to communicate effectively. 

FM System

The FM system is a wireless system that connects a person’s hearing aid to a sound source in order to help them better understand speech when in loud settings, like in classrooms, meetings and nursing homes.