Despite the fact that hearing solutions at hearingTec are characterized by outstanding sound quality and high level of durability, they still require frequent maintenance to ensure they are functioning in the most optimum fashion for the hearing impaired user.

Repair and Maintenance

Hearing instruments represent an important investment that requires regular maintenance, and despite the fact that hearingtec’s  hearing solutions are renowned for their high level of durability, there are still those situations that require inspection and repair, especially that they are exposed to the elements of moisture, heat, and ear wax that can damage the internal electronic components of the hearing instruments if not maintained regularly.
hearingTec is equipped with highly advanced maintenance laboratories that offer top notch repair services handled by highly qualified and experienced technicians.  Additionally, maintenance is not restricted to hearing instruments but also include different assistive listening devices.


Obtaining a reliable diagnosis for hearing loss strongly relies on the quality and accuracy of the audiological equipment used in the clinic, and in order to ensure accurate testing results, periodic high quality calibration needs to be performed.
At hearingTec, and apart from supplying a full range of outstanding audiological equipment, we also conduct regular and detailed calibration service for all our systems by a team of highly qualified and certified technicians and engineers.
We also offer field service and consultation which include:

  • On-site repairs
  • Detailed investigation and repair service at our facility
  • Preventive maintenance inspection
  • Equipment set-up and installation
  • Software upgrades