A wide range of high technological hearing systems are available at hearingTec to address the hearing needs of the hearing impaired population based on the age group, the type and degree of hearing loss, and the lifestyle of the hearing impaired individual.

Hearing Aids

It is important for people with hearing impairments to use hearing aids because they process sound, thus allowing them to enjoy a better quality of life with the world around them.

Ear Implants

Hearing aids for those with severe hearing impairments may not be as effective as needed.  In these cases, hearing implants are recommended for people who meet the criteria.

FM System

The FM system is a wireless system that connects a person’s hearing aid to a sound source for better speech understanding in loud settings such as in classrooms.

Wireless Connectivity

The ConnectLine is a series of devices designed to connect the hearing instruments’ user to a variety of communication and entertainment devices. like cellphones and TVs.