How is your hearing?

Take our easy, quick and free online hearing test to help assess your hearing status and identify a potential hearing loss.
Before you begin, we recommend you take this test in a quiet environment.
Choose a playback device, either headphones or built-in speakers, and make sure they are working properly.
Audio test 1000 Hz
1000 Hz
Audio test 2000 Hz
2000 Hz
Audio test 4000
4000 Hz
Audio test 8000 Hz
8000 Hz
Audio test 500 Hz
500 Hz
Audio test 250 Hz
250 Hz


Congratulations! You have passed the online hearing screening test.

Your results indicate the possibility of a hearing loss. You are advised to see an audiologist for a professional and thorough hearing assessment.

Disclaimer: Your responses to these questions offer an initial indication of whether you are suffering from a hearing impairment, and in no way replace professional medical care by a qualified audiologist.